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Department of Commercial Law

Academic programme:

UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES (Undergraduate graduate degree):                          

  • Introduction to business law - compulsory subject on the 3th year

GRADUATE STUDIES (Integrated undergraduate/graduate degree):      

  • Commercial law -  compulsory subject on the 3th year (8 ECTS)
  • Company law     -  compulsory subject on the 4th year (7 ECTS)

The Commercial Module subjects (5th year):

Compulsury subjects:

  • Insurance law
  • EU Company law
  • Competition law

Optional subjects:

  • Bankruptcy law
  • Industrial property law
  • Securities law


Compulsury subjects:

  • Transnational commercial law (1st year)
  • Competition law (2nd year)
  • Payments and secured business transactions (3th year)


Pravno ekonomska klinika provides legal and economic counselling to local entrepreneurs and as such represents a unique example in the world. It was founded in 2014 as a interdisciplinary legal clinic in the cooperation between the Department of Commercial and Company Law at Faculty of Law in Osijek and the UNESCO Department of Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Economy in Osijek. The Clinic has support of Local Business Incubator BIOS, Centre for Entrepreneurship in Osijek and Croatian Bar Association in Osijek.

The main reason for the establishment of clinical education is to teach students the practical implementation of theoretical knowledge in practice. Our students are divided in the teams. Each team has two supervisors, a jurist and an economist. Students provide free legal and economic counselling to local entrepreneurs with research, drafting legal arguments, solving problems and meetings with new clients every Wednesday at 12 o’clock. Currently, there are about 80 students working under the Clinic on specific cases in teams of five students (three of law students and two students of economics).

Lawyers for Europe

Hrvatska udruga za pravnu zaštitu obitelji


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