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Faculty of Law in Osijek -foundation and development

Pravni fakultet u Osijeku Faculty of Law in Osijek was founded on the 10th of September 1975, and it is one of the oldest higher education institutions within the University of Osijek. The study of law had already been organised in 1961 when a Centre for Part-time Studies of Law was founded in Osijek as a branch of the Zagreb Faculty of Law. In 1973, the Osijek Faculty of Economics started continuous education of lawyers within the framework of its legal studies. Two years later, due to a shortage of qualified lawyers in Slavonia and Baranya and for the purpose of raising and improving the educational structure of the local population, legal studies were reorganised into the Faculty of Law.

In the first years of its activity, the teaching staff was mainly composed of teachers from the Faculty of Economics in Osijek and renowned visiting professors of the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb. In the mid-eighties of the last century, their selfless efforts and endeavours of the first dean, Professor Dragutin Rilke, aimed at opening new workplaces, made the Faculty manage to employ its own teachers for all courses.

First postgraduate study programmes commenced in 1978 and the doctoral degree granting procedure has been independently conducted since 1981. About 40 and 63 persons have been granted a PhD degree and an LL.M degree in law, respectively. Specialist study programmes are currently being attended by more than 10 students.

A great number of Croatian judges, attorneys, state attorneys, university professors, Croatian Constitutional Court judges, diplomats, members of the Croatian Parliament and Government, politicians, individuals working in civil society organisations, social welfare systems, pension and health care systems, insurance companies, respectable Croatian and foreign companies, economy, international organisations, as well as academic and scientific institutions abroad have obtained their degrees from the Faculty of Law, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. Their work and results they have achieved in the last 35 years have entirely justified foundation of the Faculty.

Since its foundation, the Faculty of Law is located in the premises of the Jewish Community, a Secession building built in the year 1900. In the meantime, it has also expanded to the neighbouring building at 17 Stjepana Radica Street, and currently preparations and plans are ongoing concerning accommodation of the only "tenant" faculty within the University.

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