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Department of European Law

European public law, although it is a compulsory course since 2005 become part of the Chair in European law in 2013. Assistant Professor Tunjica Petrašević was appointed as a chair holder. Previously, EU law was taught under the Chair of Constitutional law and Political sciences.

When we applied for Jean Monnet Module in 2011, we found it as a mean of improving EU Law study in Osijek. By virtue of Jean Monnet project we established a new module ‘’European Law module’’ on the fifth year of Master Study. European Law module consists of the three mandatory courses; two of them were part of the Jean Monnet Module.

Subjects taught under the Chair:

EU public law

  • Within the framework of the curriculum of legal studies at the Faculty of Law in Osijek, this course is cumpolsory at the 3rd year in winter semester (5th semester) of Master study and is taught in Croatian.
  • The main objectives of the course are to develop knowledge of institutional framework and legal system of the EU; to develop understanding of relations between EU and national law; to understand basic economic freedoms in EU. This course aims at developing a critical understanding of the specificity of European institutional law and more especially of the composition, organization and competences of EU institutions and the future of the EU.

EU eternal market

  • Within the framework of the present curriculum, this course would be offered as an advanced EU law course to students of 5th year of Master study – European law module. This course is an upgrade to the course ‘’EU public law’’.
  • The aim of this course is to enable students to form a well-reasoned opinion on the regulation and functioning of the EU Internal Market and its actors' behaviour. The course will confront the students with legal analysis and legal reasoning techniques in relation to EU Internal Market Law. Also, in-depth expert lectures will provide insights into interdisciplinary analyses combining law, economics and corporate governance.  Emphasis will be on procedural aspects.

Basics of EU Law

  • This course is offered as an optional course to students of bachelor study ''administrative lawyers'', at the 3rd year.
  • The course intends to introduce students into the foundation and development of the European Union, to explain the supranational characteristics of the EU, its institutional and legal system, the operation of the institutions and of European Law, its implementation by the Member States.

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