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The Library department of the Faculty of Law in Osijek, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek was founded in 1973. Today it is one of the modern libraries in the Republic of Croatia. It is situated on the ground floor of the faculty premises in 13, S. Radić Street with 410 m2 of floor space consists of separate teachers' and students' reading rooms, lending department, the library head's office and storage for books and periodicals and alike. It is open for users from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Library users are students, university teachers and those interested in scientific and expert work. The library holdings amount to 32000 items and 460 titles of periodicals, 95 of which are of domestic and 51 of foreign origine. The library houses also a collection of doctoral dissertations.

Students' books and seminar references are kept in the lending department. Only students' books can be taken out for studying outside the library premises by the rule of exception, the seminar reference can also be taken out, if the number of samples allows it.

Referential sources – gazettes, dictionaries, lexicons, encyclopaedias and reference books are at disposal for work in students' reading-room during the library office hours. There are card catalogues both alphabetic and expert ones according to universal decimal classification – UDC.

In addition to the computer room in 17, S. Radić Street students can use a computer in the reading-room for research. The library of the Faculty of Law is operated interactively so that users are given the opportunity of on-line access to the catalogue and browsing of both library holdings and collective catalogue of the National and University Library and other libraries.

There are four full-time librarians employed in the library.

General regulations of the library:

1. It is not allowed to bring in food or beverage on the library premises, to disturb the work of other users by speaking in loud voice or by going out frequently
2. It is recommended to keep the cell phones turned off.
3. Any theft or damage done on purpose will be punished.
4. Materials lent for use, can be taken out only by permission of a librarian who will set the return deadline ( usually an hour for copying ) – the user must present the matriculation pass or I. C.
5. The matriculation pass must be presented and the lending registered in it, if a user takes out the books for a month.


It is recommended to check the required material in the catalogue ( by card or on-line ) in advance and note a call number for books and articles in periodicals ( only by a machine-run search ) by noting the number and year of domestic publications. If any help is needed, feel free to contact the librarian.

Exceptions to the rules

The following users may take out both the books and textbook material:

1. the faculty teachers
2. the students of postgraduate studies by presenting and pawning the matriculation pass
3. successful undergraduates by presenting the status certificate and pawning the matriculation pass

Browsing the library holdings

In the alphabet catalogue a required book should be found by author's name or by title and its call number written on a piece of paper and presented to the librarian. The call number consists of UDC mark in the numerator, four letters of the author's last name i.e. first words of the exact title in the title list. In an expert catalogue books are searched according to line of work – within line of work by years and edition and within a year according to alphabet

It is possible to browse the library holdings via Internet at the library web site.


Blanka Salatić, graduated librarian 224-522

Ljiljana Siber, graduated librarian 224-521

Jasna Dolić, librarian with university degree 224-521

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