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Department of Legal History


  • History of Croatian Law and State
  • General History of Law and State
  • History of Administration
  • Archive Administration

History of Croatian Law and State:

This course seeks to provide an understanding of the development of the Croatian legal system and legal culture as a separate part of the process in Europe; give an insight into the main features of the development of those European countries and legal systems that were of importance to the shaping of modern Croatian legal system, and still have their indirect importance; and based on all of this, allow deeper understanding of the conditionality of the modern Croatian legal system and legal culture and the limitations that flow from it.

The subject is directly complementary to the subjects of the first year of study Faculty of Law in Osijek and other Croatian law faculties General History of State and Law, Roman Law and Theory of State and Law, and partially with the subject Sociology.

This course aims at providing a general survey of the development of the Croatian constitutional and legal system from time of arrival of the Croats (7th century) and formation of the Croatian principalities and the Croatian kingdom (8-10th century) to the dissolution of Yugoslavia and formation of the independent Croatian state (20-21st century). It highlights the Croatian political and legal tradition in order to enable a deeper understanding of the contemporary Croatian legal system and legal culture as well as currently undergoing processes.

General History of Law and State:

In the course General History of State and Law students gain knowledge about the origin and development of the individual legal systems and institutions throughout history.

It is also intended to provide students with knowledge about development of individual state systems through various forms of social organization.

Studying is focused on examples of countries that have left a significant mark on world history. Students acquire basic knowledge of the legal systems, forms of government organizations, organization of individual states, and on certain legal institutions in their early forms in a period of the second millennium BC to the twentieth century.

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