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The Library of the Faculty of Law in Osijek, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek was founded in 1973 within the framework of the professional study programme of the Faculty of Economics, i.e. two years before the Faculty itself was founded. Today it occupies an area of 410 m2 and has separate reading rooms for teachers and students, lending department and library stock of over 22,000 books, i.e. more than 30,000 volumes, as well as 149 titles of international and 164 titles of Croatian scientific and professional periodicals. Library and information services of the Faculty library system make it part of the university library system.

"EUi" spot has been recently been activated within the framework of the library. It provides general information on the European Union, sources of institutions and their e-versions. Its foundation was supported by the Delegation of the European Commission in Croatia. The goal of "EUi" is to enable promotion, development, education, research and dissemination of information on the European Union to students, scientific and research staff and the public audience in Osijek. In the future, the aim of the Faculty is to insure all necessary accommodation and technical prerequisites for foundation of the European Documentation Centre.

When it comes to computer equipment, not only library, but also all other services, are entirely equipped and networked. The Faculty has two computer classrooms intended for seminar work, searching databases and education of students. The Faculty uses the CMS (content management system) for control, maintenance and publication of information via www, and exam registration and grading can also be conducted via the Internet. All classrooms intended for seminars and teaching in general are equipped with computers, have access to the Internet and LCD projectors.

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