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Scientific research and international cooperation

Many international and national scientific and research projects have been realised over the past 35 years of the Faculty's existence. Among them, we would like to point out the ones financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia: "Forming the Croatian local and regional self-government" (Principal Investigator: Professor Zvonimir Lauc, PhD), "Adaptation of the Croatian Penal Law to transition conditions" (Principal Investigator: Professor Petar Novoselec, PhD), "Law of Construction-Alleviation Factor of the Housing Crisis" (Principal Investigator: Professor Vlado Belaj, PhD), "Ownership-the Basis for the Integration of the Republic of Croatia into the EU" (Principal Investigator: Professor Vlado Belaj, PhD), "Croatian public administration vs. renaissance of the state and globalisation" (Principal Investigator: Professor Branko Babac, PhD), "Europeisation of Croatian Local and Regional Self-Government" (Principal Investigator: Professor Zvonimir Lauc, PhD), "Public Management - Managing Service Quality" (Principal Investigator: Professor Nihada Mujic, PhD), "Minority Rights Protection in International Law and National Legislation" (Principal Investigator: Professor Mira Lulic, PhD), "Effectuation of a Child's Right on Support on the European Common Market" (Principal Investigator: Professor Vjekoslav Puljko, PhD), "Theory and practice of the institutional approach to regional development" (Principal Investigator: Professor Ivana Barkovic Bojanic, PhD) and a scientific programme "Development of Good Local and Regional Governance in the Republic of Croatia" (Head of the Programme: Professor Zvonimir Lauc, PhD).

Faculty's professors and researchers are participating actively in a series of both international and Croatian projects, one of which is presented in detain in this publication. Strengthening bilateral relationships with foreign universities in neighbouring countries, Europe and the world is a result of a cooperation established at first as cooperation of experts in related fields on personal levels, that later on grew into international cooperation between scientific and higher education institutions. Lately, cooperation with the Faculty of Law in Pécs (Hungary), faculties in Mostar and Bihac (Bosnia and Herzegovina), higher education institutions in Slovenia, Austria, Poland, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, the USA, and many Asian and African countries is taken special care of.

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