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Type of studystručni specijalistički diplomski
Semester 1
Europeization of Croatian Administration
Comparative Public Administration
Basics of European Law
Basics of European Law - Seminar
Europeization of Croatian Administration - Seminar
Comparative Public Administration - Seminar
Management - Seminar
E-Administration - Seminar
Introduction to Law - Differential Exam
Basics of Administration - Differential Exam
Basics of Constitutional Law - Differential Exam
Semester 2
Public Procurement
Practice - I
Civil Servants Law
Judicial Control of Administration
Basics of Petty Offense Law
Law of the Execution of Penalties and Security Measures
Economic Public Services
The Work and Duties of Public Notarianship
Organization of Civil Society
Management of Public Transportation
History of the State and of Public Administration
Quality Management in Public Sector
Administration - Public Relations