Životopis predavača

Building Lawyer Ethics Capacities

Professor Moliterno is a distinguished professor, specializing in lawyer ethics teaching and scholarship. Currently at Washington and Lee University, he has held positions at five US law schools and has affiliations with six other law faculties outside the US.

He has successfully taught similar courses in China, Ukraine, Georgia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Spain. In each of those countries, he has made long-lasting professional relationships and friendships with professors, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and students. Some of his students are now beginning teachers at their local law faculties. He has facilitated international colleagues’ attendance at major international lawyer ethics conferences and hosted them at his home school. He has co-authored scholarly papers with several international colleagues.

His activities in these countries and several others have been sometimes funded or partly funded by USAID projects (Ukraine, Georgia, Serbia, Kosovo, Indonesia, and others), sometimes directly by US Embassies (Slovakia and Czech Republic), sometimes by host universities (China and Spain), sometimes by local NGOs (Czech Republic and Slovakia), and once by a Fulbright grant (Ukraine).

He has combined these teaching activities with legal ethics reform activities, working with lawyers, judges, and prosecutors in Slovakia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Kosovo, and Indonesia. His focus has been on disciplinary codes and systems for legal professionals. In addition to teaching his course, he will deliver lectures as requested on lawyer ethics topics.