Learning, Teaching, Training Activities

Digital competences of HE teachers for innovative teaching practices

The Training Event is held in facilities of the SRCE in Zagreb. The main goal is to deliver a number of workshops on topics developed within the (intellectual output) Digital competences of HE Teachers for Innovative Teaching Practices. In addition to the content of the Digital competences of HE Teachers for Innovative Teaching Practices, an ABC Teaching Design workshop will be held. This workshop is a high-energy, hands-on curriculum development workshop developed at University College London (UCL). During the workshop, teaching teams work together to create a visual ‘storyboard’. It builds on the six learning types concept from Prof Diana Laurillard’s hugely respected model of how students learn, ‘Conversational Framework’. Since the online course developed within Digital competences of HE Teachers for Innovative Teaching Practices is non-mentored, once it is placed on the MoD this is an opportunity for the teachers from the Partnership to actively participate in additional activities and discussions. Upon completion of this activity teacher from the Partnership are able to create high standard e-learning courses in law within the Module on Knowledge, Skills and Competences for T-shaped Lawyers.

Summer School

Intensive Programme for Higher Education Learners/teaching staff is organized as five-day Summer School at the Zagreb, Croatia. UNIOS is the leading organization of this event, while all partners are in charge of the event implementation. Event is organized in Zagreb due to its geographical position that assures smooth and affordable travel arrangements. SRCE holds the introductory lecture on Digital Competences for Lifelong Learning for Law Students. Teachers from UNIOS, UNIABD and UNIMI present selected aspects of their e-learning courses to 30 students in order to test the developed MOOCs. All courses are held in English language, in facilities equipped with computers and audio-video equipment. The participants of the Programme are 30 excellent students from UNIOS, UNIABD and UNIMI. The attending students are invited to actively participate in the e-leaning courses by performing the allocated tasks and case studies. Students are invited to give their evaluation and feedback on the courses in order to contribute to their further improvement.

The goals of the Intensive Programme for Higher Education Learners are:

  • to present the new developed methodologies of courses for e-learning to the HE student
  • establish the mobility of the students, by rewarding the excellent students.

The results of the Programme are:

  • students with knowledge on the Digital competences for lifelong learning for law students,
  • students with new knowledge on the digital technologies and their possibility to integrate this knowledge to different fields of law,
  • students gained international experience;
  • enhanced e-learning courses based on the students’ feedback becoming freely accessible online for further education.