Multiplier events

PhD Book Club – EU PIL in Digital World

The event PhD Book Club – EU PIL in Digital World will be organized as a one-day event. The event is managed by the UNIABD with the support of UNIOS and UNIMI. The teachers – moderators are present at the University of Aberdeen, while the students are fully participating online. The participating PhD students benefit from the teachers experienced on digital competences within the intellectual output Digital Competences of HE Teachers for Innovative Teaching Practices. The purpose of the event is to test the digital tools in the PhD level transfer of knowledge (EQF level 8). The PhD students are invited to participate in the discussion after reading the given materials on EU PIL in Digital World. The objectives of the events are to:

  • stimulate the PhD students’ critical thinking and to
  • extend and redefine their existing knowledge considering digital technologies in law.

Approximately 20 interested PhD candidates (enrolled in a PhD programmed/advanced master programmed or within a year following the completion of program) are accepted to participate in the event. Event is as well open to the PhD participants outside the Partnership. Participants are required to register on the online form released in the call. Event is held in English language.

Raising awareness on digitalization of HE (Italy, United Kingdom, Croatia)

The event is organized as the one-day event held in local language. The purpose of the event is that the teachers – team members from UNIMI, share further their knowledge from (intelectual output) Digital competences of HE Teachers for Innovative Teaching Practices and their experience from developing the Module on Knowledge, Skills and Competences for T-shaped Lawyers. The program of the event consists of a presentation on digital competence in higher law education. It includes a presentation of the model example of an online course. The objective of the event is to raise the awareness on the digitalization of online HE teaching in law. The event targets colleagues (teachers and administrative staff) from the home university and other interested public (e.g. local authorities, college, high-school and elementary school teachers, NGO’s, representatives of various employers, and postgraduates). The event invitation is shared on the web sites of all partners, on the main project website, social media and sent directly to the stakeholders. Subject to an online pre-registration, participation is open and free of charge. The event in the occasion to announce that the DIGinLaw MOOCs are ready to accept enrolment. Media and other university teachers are also requested to disseminate that information to students.

Final Academic Conference Digitalization in Law and Legal Education

The Final Academic Conference Digitalization in Law and Legal Education is organized as the one-day event at the University of Milan, in cooperation with the coordinator and the partners. The event will disseminate the results of the phase one of the intellectual output – the research on digitalization effects on legal education and law. The event targets the academic community and other stakeholders (representatives of the EU, public authorities, lawyers, NGO’s etc.). The selected invited participants will be academics from other universities and different stakeholders – representatives of the EU, courts and other public authorities and law practitioners. The Steering Committee will manage the selection of participants, considering their affection for the EU policies on high education and digitalization, academic experience or interest in digitalization (in law).