Research and publication on “Digitalization in Legal Education and Law“

This intellectual output relates to deeper scientific research on the overall topic of digitalization of legal education and digitalization of law. The European Digital Strategy is a modern feature and an EU policy priority. This priority needs to be applied in any spectre of European society, including higher education. General educational theories on the transfer of knowledge in a digital world have already gained scientific attention. However, they were only modestly reflected in the arena of law and the transfer of legal knowledge. Effects of digitalization on law and legal science have been a subject of a research. Teachers (as academics) involved in this project would extend their knowledge on certain specific aspects of digitalization of law, deepen the findings and prepare thorough analyses in a legal discourse, for the benefit of the scientific community. This intellectual output is prepared in cooperation with other academics, young scholars, PhD students, and post-doctoral researchers. This output has two phases. The first phase is devoted to research whereas the second phase entails public presentation of the research results on Academic Conference and trough the publication (conformity to style guidelines, editing, review).

The findings of this researchers are presented at the project academic conference in Milan. To take advantage of open research resources, the project results are published subject to double blind peer review at ECLIC proceedings with open access, though indexed to the most relevant scientific database Web of Science (WoS).