Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku (Croatia)

Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek (UNIOS) was established in 1975. Today UNIOS consists of 11 faculties, 4 University departments and 1 Academy of Arts and Culture. UNIOS organizes studies at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level in the following fields: natural sciences, technical sciences, biomedicine and medicine, biotechnical sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts. There are also studies within interdisciplinary fields. All University studies are organized according to Bologna principles and ECTS is fully implemented at all levels. University is among biggest Croatian high-education institutions. The University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer of Osijek has developed bilateral cooperation with 72 higher education institutions from 28 countries and signed 562 Erasmus+ Interinstitutional agreements.

Faculty of Law in Osijek, as part of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, was founded in 1975 as well. From its foundation to the present day, this faculty has raised many generations of excellent lawyers, who have carried out responsible tasks, including high-level ones, such as judges, attorneys, state attorneys, ambassadors, in the state administration bodies, regional and local self-government, economic, public or political life. Department is accredited to program in law (MA) and program for social workers (MA), with specialist programme in human rights. In academic year 2020/2021 total number of students enrolled is 1998. Faculty of Law employs 56 teaching staff, out of them 46 are in scientific – teaching position (from assistant professor to full professor), 25 administrative and technical staff and 5 employees of faculty library.

Mirela župan

PhD, Full Professor

Mirela Župan, LLM, Phd is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Law Osijek, head of the PhD Programme in Law. She is appointed to teach Private International Law related courses. Her main professional interests include cross-border relations (contractual, vulnerable – family – child protection, animal welfare), human rights implications to PIL, as well as international arbitration. Awarded with Max-Planck Society Doctoral (2007) and Postdoctoral Grant (2011) at the MPI for Foreign and Comparative Law Hamburg. Visiting professor in Maribor, Budapest and Verona. Participates in legislative processes in EU and nationally. Active in judicial trainings for ERA, EJTN and Croatian judicial academy. She is an INCADAT reporter as well. As a member of several research groups she organizes and participates at conferences, seminars and workshops.

dunja duić

PhD, assistant Professor

Dunja Duić, LLM (Ghent), PhD works as Assistant Professor at the Faculty of law Osijek where she is Vice dean for science, international cooperation and postgraduate studies. Professional orientation towards EU law derives from Postgraduate Mater of Advance studies in European and Comparative Law at Faculty of Law Gent, Belgium, LLM and Post-graduate Study of European Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, Croatia,PHD. Main professional interests include EU Law, External relations of EU, EU institutions and comparative politics, migration and human rights. She has participated in several international and scientific projects, and she was project director of NATO SPS. ATC. G5617 – Science for Peace and Security project titled : “Toward effective cyber defense in accordance with the rules of law. Since January 2019, she is the Council of Europe HELP trainer certified to provide distance learning courses . She is a book editor and series editor of EU and comparative law issues and challenges series that is indexed in WoS and Heinonline.


PhD, ASSOCIATE Professor

Martina Mikrut Nađsombat works as associate professor at the Faculty of Law Osijek at ecenomy related courses. She is experienced in the area of digital media and digital communication from different perspectives: from digital research methodology, media performance measurement to digital media content optimisation.

An expert with media content platforms and analytics tools across multiple digital channels, experienced in visual storytelling videos, online strategies which includes targeted campaigns and social media. Focused on creating engaging content for use both on and offline that will be well received by target audiences.


PhD, ASSOCIATE Professor

Tunjica Petrašević is associate professor at the Faculty of Law Osijek, Chair of Constitutional and European Law. Professional orientation towards EU law derives from Postgraduate (doctoral) study of European Law at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb (2011).  In 2010, he did part of his doctoral research as a visiting researcher at Johannes Kepler University in Linz (Austria). In 2010 he was also trainee (stagiere) at the European Court of Justice in the office of Slovenian judge Mr. Ilešić. In 2011, he defended his doctoral thesis ‘’Preliminary Ruling Procedure before the European Court of Justice with special reference to its implementation in national legal systems of Member States”. He was Erasmus visiting professor at Johannes Kepler University in Linz (2013), at the Law Faculty of Univeristy in Vilnius (2014) at the Law Faculty of University in Perugia (2016) and at the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia in Madrid (2018). He was holder of Jean Monnet Chair in EU procedural law (2014-2017), member of Jean Monnet Chair on cross-border movement of child – EUChild (2016-2019) and member of Jean Monnet module for EU Competition Law (2019-2022). He was vicedean for science, international cooperation and postgradueate studies of Law Faculty Osijek (2014-2019). Since 2019, he perfmors duty of Dean.


PhD, ASSISTANT Professor

Paula Poretti, PhD is an Assistant Professor at the Department for Civil and Family Law and Vice Dean for Education and Students at the Faculty of Law J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek. She teaches at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Her main fields of scientific interest are Civil Procedure Law, European Civil Procedure and Consumer Law.

As a researcher, she was a part of a number of scientific research project teams. She was a national rapporteur within several studies of the European Commission DG Justice and Consumers.From 2019 engaged in the working group of the Ministry of Economy for the monitoring of the „New deal for consumers“ legislative package. She was appointed a member of the National council for consumer protection in the same year.

She held lectures at a great number of international and national conferences, published a number of papers and several book chapters.

igor vuletić

PhD, ASSOCIATE Professor

Igor Vuletić graduated law at the Faculty of Law Osijek in 2006. He defended his PhD thesis at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb in 2011 (field of substantive criminal law). Currently, he is appointed as an associate professor of criminal law at the Faculty of Law Osijek, Croatia. He was guest researcher at Max Planck Institute for International and Comparative Criminal Law in Freiburg (2011), Institute of Criminology Cambridge (2013) and Loyola School of Law in Chicago (2019).

He is vice-dean at Research Center for European Criminal Law at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and guest- lecturer at Faculty of Law University of Anhui, China. He is appointed as a national expert for UNODC.



Martina Drventić, LLM, is a research assistant – doctoral student of the Croatian Science Foundation at the Faculty of Law Osijek since 2018. She obtained experience as an expert associate at the Croatian Central Authority seated within the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth and as a junior researcher at the Faculty of Law Osijek.

Her research is focused on the EU private international family law whereat she has been actively involved in research activities on projects dealing with the cross-border protection of children and families. She is preparing the doctoral thesis on the international child abduction.



Jura Golub, LLM, is a research assistant – PhD student of the Croatian Science Foundation at the Faculty of Law Osijek since 2021.

In February 2022, Jura enrolled in the postgraduate university (doctoral) study of Law at the Faculty of Law Osijek. The research interest is focused in the field of digitalisation of law, selected issues from the substantive and procedural aspects. He has presented at several international scientific conferences.