Transnational Project Meetings

In the 24 months project duration, five transnational project meetings would take place. Participants of the transnational meetings are team members of the project partners engaged in the delivery of the project. Transnational meetings are hosted by each project partner. The goal of the transnational meetings is to discuss and coordinate the project performance, in particular forthcoming activities, share the best practices with the overall aim of achieving the project goals to a full satisfaction of teachers, students, participants, and stakeholders involved. Transnational meetings are an opportunity to discuss and coordinate administrative and financial issues, hence project administration staff from the Coordinator UNIOS (one person) will also attend each transnational meeting.

First Transnational Meeting

Croatia, Zagreb

July 2021

Second Transnational Meeting

United Kingdom, Aberdeen

October 2021

Third Transnational Meeting

Croatia, Osijek (online)

May 2022

Fourth Transnational Meeting

Croatia, Zagreb

July 2022

Fifth Transnational Meeting

Italy, Milano

November 2022