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CEEPUS network Law and technology

The Law and Technology network is established with the overarching goal of fostering collaborative research, academic exchange, and knowledge dissemination at the intersection of law and technology within the Central European region, especially focusing on Croatia, Hungary, North Macedonia and Slovakia. Our goal is exploring how the law responds to the ever-evolving landscape of digital technologies.


Network partners are:


Questions related to legal implication of technology use are increasingly being dealt with at the European level. Legal education has always provided important contribution to the society by producing professionals that are equipped for providing service to the public and private sectors. Technology is expected to bring economic and societal benefits to a wide range of sectors (e.g., the public sector, environment, health, finance, agriculture). Nevertheless, the integration of technology into products and services, coupled with the associated safety risks for users of technology are raising concerns about protection of fundamental rights, legal liabilities etc. Given the large number of pressing concerns, there are number of benefits in having regional network that has capacities for training and research in law and technology relations.

In that sense, our goals are:

  • to contribute to the broader academic and professional community by sharing insights that can inform and shape the discourse on law and technology,
  • to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the preparation of a skilled academic staff and students capable of navigating the evolving landscape of law and technology.


If you are a student or a teacher in one of the institution of the network and interested in mobility, please contact your local coordinator:

Faculty of Law Osijek – Andreja Juričević Petričević

Faculty of Law, Pecs – professor Mohay Ágoston Csanád

Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus”, Skopje – professor Boban Misoski

Faculty of Law, Košice – professor Regina Hučková


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