Jean Monnet projects – EUchild

About the Project


The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Agency of the European Union has positively evaluated and accepted the funding the project reg. no. 575451-EPP-1-2016-1-HR-EPPJMO-CHAIR “Jean Monnet Chair on the Cross border movement of a child in EU”. The project is funded under the Erasmus+ Program, under the Jean Monnet activities for the period from 1.9.2016. until 31.8.2019.

European agenda for children aims to prevent, protect and find durable solutions to wide range of issues affecting children. Enactment of rules on private international law to deal with civil aspects of cross-border movement of a child found justification in mobility of workers. Intensified proportion of Croatian outgoing effects lives of their children. Recently new types of child migrations gain attention. Eurostat 5th Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum confirms that majority of migrating children are teenagers (potential victims of youth and forced labor, put under detention and criminal charges). EU responds to disappearance of unaccompanied migrant children (>14) by developing tools to track missing children and promote their rights, esp. on non discrimination. Above figures indicate there is an increasing need for legal settlement at wide range of topics on cross-border movement of a child. Applicants can provide a comprehensive and holistic results of top interest to accurate Croatian legal profession and public.

Principal aim of this project is providing quality teaching, education and supplemented activities related to cross-border movement of a child within EU. Final reach is to ensure that the best practice is disseminated through training and publications to affect law students, legal professionals and wider population engaged in cross-border child related issues. This project would enhance development of study methods and process improving legal education in EU acquis; European values as well as initiatives embedded in Europe 2020 Strategy are promoted. Particular emphasis is given to human rights promotion in general, gender equality, lifelong learning, specialization, interdisciplinary and holistic approach to respective topic, promotion of modern IT technologies, multilinguals.