The library of the Faculty of Law Osijek



The primary service of the Library is direct service to the Library users. The Library and expert skills of the Library staff (5) are the key elements of support to formal education and development of information literacy in combining library collections and other accessible sources of information with the curricula.

Librarians’ professional skills, a well-equipped library, expert and planned assembling of library collections and undisturbed access to national and international databases are important if we wish to guarantee a high-quality education and research work.

The Library is an organisational unit of the Faculty with an aim to ensure the conditions for conducting teaching, research and professional activities of the Faculty through access to all types of information in any form, by assembling own collections of library holdings and other sources of information.

Besides acquisition, professional processing, preservation and loan of library material, the Library is involved in:

  • ensuring the access to the Library holdings as well as to the holdings of other libraries in Croatia and abroad according to the needs and requirements of its users
  • ensuring the access to databases and other sources of information
  • motivating, supporting and instructing the users in their choice and use of library holdings, finding and assessing the sources of information
  • developing information literacy and critical thinking, motivating the users to learn and research, supporting the teaching process
  • creating appropriate conditions for research work of research-teaching staff of the Faculty
  • organizing, conducting and improving interlibrary loan with libraries in Croatia and abroad
  • promoting, developing, teaching, researching and disseminating information on values basic for the European Union through systematic access of the Library within the framework of the services of the European Documentation Centre in cooperation with the Chair in European Law of the Faculty for academic and wider community at local and regional level.


Students can borrow exam reference books, (2-3 textbooks) for a month by submitting the form for borrowing and presenting their proof of identity. The students may apply for a loan renewal of exam reference books to additional thirty days either by phone (031/22 45 21) or in person.

In case of loss of the borrowed books the user must purchase the same item within ten days.

Books intended for seminars can be borrowed for reading in Library reading room and loan with the purpose of copying outside the Library in accordance with the Copyright Act and related rules. In case of multiple samples the books can be borrowed and returned as agreed and estimated by the librarian.

losed stack items are excluded from loan but are available for reading in the Library reading room. However, these items can be borrowed for the weekend and holidays upon prior application and are to be returned until Monday morning. Journals, newspapers and official papers are not intended for loan. They can be borrowed only with the purpose of copying and must be returned on the same day.

Reference collection of dictionaries and encyclopaedia as well as official papers can be used in the Library reading room and during the exam under the condition that they are returned immediately after the exam. Separate samples of books can be borrowed for the loan period of 15 days. For any of these an ID is requested. Books on loan are for personal use of the borrower only, and must not be passed on to any other person.

Doctoral and Master’s theses are intended for use only in the Library reading room and cannot be copied except in cases where the author allows it.

Reading room

Before entering the reading room of the Library the users must fill in the reading room usage form and return it to the librarian when leaving. The users need to log in with the electronic identity of the system. The information on accessibility of the library material can be received from the librarian.

In the Students’ reading room there are 47 seats and four computers which students can use to search the Library on-line catalogue and databases. There is a collection of dictionaries and encyclopaedia, official papers in the reading room and it can be used while studying in the Library reading room.

The Teachers’ reading room is at the same time the European Documentation Centre equipped with a computer for individual use of the Centre and with the same purpose additional 15 computers are accessible at the premises at the Faculty premises in Radićeva Street No 17.

Information services

The information service includes providing assistance for the users with the search of the Library catalogues, databases as well as with the selection of bibliographic records related to subject areas for seminars and final papers and expert information by the means of modern IT with a possibility of delivery of the required article and/or legal regulation by mail on request, if enlisted in Faculty subscription online resources. If you need help with the search, use our manuals.

The filled in request form (CROATIAN) for preparation of bibliographic records for a specific topic should be handed in to the librarian in person or by e-mail. The form can be downloaded here or by clicking on the image.


Our age is marked by fast increase in resources of knowledge and information in all areas so that students should acquire knowledge and develop skills necessary for their work in future. Therefore, the cooperation and integration of all participants in the education process is a prerequisite to students growing into competent learners.

One of the competencies that the modern globalized information world requires is information literacy which prepares our students for lifelong learning. The key elements of information literacy are the attitude towards and knowledge of information as well as information environment, ethics of application and critical awareness.

At the beginning of the academic year the Library staff organizes workshops for the first year students on library services and information search. The workshops for other years of study are organized according to their interest and upon agreement with the teachers. Moreover, the students have the opportunity to require individual assistance while searching information resources.

Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan is a service by which library material that is not held at the Library is provided from other libraries in Croatia for the users of the Library with the purpose of research and professional work and training. Furthermore, the Library of the Faculty of Law Osijek makes books loan and copying of library materials possible for the users of other libraries in Croatia and libraries in the region, mainly faculties of law with which the Library has a long term cooperation and formally established contact through the South East European Association of Law and Related Libraries.

Interlibrary loan from abroad for the users of our Library is carried out through National and University Library in Zagreb. The costs of loan and delivery incurred during the loan are paid by the Faculty for the employees of the Faculty and students if their request is exclusively for the purposes of research work and studying. The request is submitted to the Head of the Library by mail with data on required publication and upon Faculty Dean’s approval.

The approval for loan of library material from the Library is given by the Head of the Library. Interlibrary loan does not refer to the closed stack items of the Library or items that are not reprographed such as archival and rare books, reference publications, single issues of journals, doctoral and master’s theses and non-print holdings.

The materials received by interlibrary loan may be used only in the Library premises and the Library which requested and received an interlibrary loan is fully responsible therefor. Before submitting a request for interlibrary loan it is necessary to check whether the requested item is still in the holdings of the Library.  Loan period for the Library items is 14 days whereas loan period for items from other libraries depends on the rules and deadlines for loan of the library of the origin. The Library can set shorter loan periods as well.

The requested copies of articles remain in permanent ownership of the users who is obliged to use the requested copy for the purposes of research i.e. professional work. Upon request of its users and users from other libraries in Croatia and region, the Library can deliver the requested documents by email, if the requested material is in digitised form in the requested library or if the document or the parts can be scanned in case of urgent delivery.

Interlibrary loan and delivery within Croatia and libraries in the region are free. The request for interlibrary loan of books and articles from the holdings of the Library can be submitted only by library staff on behalf of its users. The Request for materials from the holdings of the Library of the Faculty of Law Osijek is filled in the following form. The Request should be submitted to knjiž