Type of studyUniversity - Graduate
Semester 1
Global Social Work and Society Development
Research in Social Work
Networks for Family Support and Community Empowerment Networks
Transition from Institutional Care to Community Support
Social Justice and Human Rights in Social Work
Legal and Social Position of Women throughout History
Social Status of the Elderly throughout History
Family Mediation
Family Violence
Children in Conflict with the Law
The Role of Social Worker in Criminal Jurisdiction
Semester 2
Management in Public and Non-Profit Organizations
Advanced Counselling
Social Work in Community
Social Welfare Systems and Advocacy
Selected Topics of Social work
European Anti-Discrimination Law
Spirituality and Social Work
Art Therapy in Social Work
Right to Information
Right to Food
Semester 3
Ethics in Professional Social Work
Integrative Seminar of Theories and Methodologies for Research Master Thesis
Integrated Care
Policy for Social Change
Praktična nastava
Psychosocial Support for Social Workers
Semester 4
Master Thesis
Praktična nastava
Program Evaluation in Community
Public Health and Human rights
Environmental Protection and Social Justice
Rights and Crisis Situation
Freedom of Movement for (Social) Workers and Protection of Human Rights in the EU
International Cooperation in the Welfare System