International cooperation

ERASMUS Incoming Mobility

Dear exchange students,

We are very pleased that you are considering to spend your exchange period at the Faculty of Law Osijek. This web site contains information for students who wish to realize their mobility at our Faculty within the Erasmus program. However, the information may be also valuable for all other international students wishing to visit us through other exchange programs or as free-movers.

Our University is a medium-size one if compared to other European universities. Since adoption of Bologna principles, it has been developing into a modern European institution of higher education, and becoming a regional center of knowledge, research and excellence. All our efforts are directed towards the constant increase of teaching and studying quality. We also offer you a high student standard concerning accommodation, subsistence, learning facilities and other student services, and Osijek, being known as the city of students, is offering you a fleur of youth and action.

UNIOS (The University of Osijek) International Relations Office staff will assist you with answering all questions that you may have, they will help you to settle in and to adjust to living and studying in Osijek more quickly

You are welcome to contact us per phone or e-mail, and we will do our best to provide all information that you need and, if you decide to come to Osijek, we will try to make your exchange period a great experience!

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Academic Information

Academic year is divided into two semesters. First winter semester starts in the first week of October and ends in January. First examination period takes place in February, and the second summer semester starts in the first week of March and lasts until the middle of June. The second examination period starts in the second part of June and lasts until the end of July. August is the time of summer vacation, and September refers to the third examination period.

Although there is a University Campus being currently constructed, there are many University buildings spread around the whole city of Osijek.

UNIOS Language Policy

The University of Osijek welcomes all students, scientists, teachers and staff that are interested in studying, research, teaching, professional training, or various educational and scientific activities that comply with the University strategy of development, its mission and vision. In its everyday activities, the University uses Croatian language as official language. Besides Croatian language, the University fosters and acknowledges the use of English language as a valuable instrument of communication in education and science, as well as in lifelong learning. The use of other languages, especially minority languages, is also encouraged. As of the University language policy, each minority language shall be treated equally, according to University human resources and capabilities. According to the University international orientation, information about the University that is visible at international level shall be published in English language. Relevant web sites shall be translated in English language. University student organizations shall also provide relevant information in English language. All publications shall be made electronically available.

Courses to be studied at Faculty of Law Osijek

Official language of instruction at Faculty of Law Osijek is Croatian. Courses that are offered in English and other foreign languages are listed in the section. In coordination with Erasmus coordinators at home, prospective Erasmus students are advised to prepare a preliminary learning agreement before arriving in Osijek. As changes may always occur, please check our web pages for updated information.

If having sufficient knowledge of Croatian language, Erasmus incoming students are welcome to attend lectures held in Croatian. For more information about courses held in Croatian, please contact our Erasmus Coordinator via e-mail  We will be glad to provide particular information about available courses within specific study program upon your request. We offer many courses in English at our Faculty and the list of them is available at the following link: 

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Croatian Language Preparatory Course

Our Erasmus students can choose Croatian language course as a preparatory course which will provide a basic knowledge of Croatian language and culture. The course is organized free of charge for all Erasmus students. ECTS is awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Explanation of Croatian grading system

National grading system consists of five (5) grades with numerical equivalents, 5 being the highest grade:

Izvrstan (5) – excellent (5);

vrlo dobar (4) – very good (4);

dobar (3) – good (3);

dovoljan (2) – sufficient (2);

nedovoljan (1) – insufficient (1)

Comparison to ECTS

ECTS SCALE Croatian grade
86-100% A Excellent excellent (5)
71-85% B Above average very good (4)
56-70% C Average good (3)
50-55% D Below average sufficient (2)
40-49% E Fail insufficient (1)
25-39% FX Fail insufficient (1)
0-24% F Fail insufficient (1)

City and University Library

The City and University library in Osijek is located in the Europe Avenue and is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 7.30 p.m., and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Prior to using library facilities, services and computer rooms, students need to register and obtain a member card. Within the Library, there is an American Corner and Austrian reading room, holding books and magazines in English and German language, respectively.

Besides the main City and University library, there are libraries at each University unit, providing its students with print, audio and visual materials and other information services within particular scientific area.


Once your home University has nominated you to participate in Erasmus+ or other form of mobility at UNIOS, you should complete the application, which consists of the following:     

1.   Application Form 
2.   Accommodation Form
3.   Preliminary Learning Agreement for Studies or Learning Agreement for Traineeships
4.   2 personal photographs
5.   Copy of the passport page with personal data
6.   Transcript of Records from your home University
7.   Certificate of the Erasmus + student status

      (signed by your Erasmus coordinator and stamped by official institutional stamp)

8.   CV in Europass format

 All the information :


Visa requirements and residence permit

After processing you application, you will be issued an official Letter of Acceptance and a Confirmation of Accommodation. These documents will be needed for regulation of your visa or residence permit.

All exchange students who intend to stay in Croatia longer than 90 days, i.e. three months, are obliged to obtain a residence permit upon arrival

Documents which you need :

Health insurance

All exchange students must have health insurance during their stay in Croatia. There are several options for regulating your health insurance:

– European Health Insurance Card (EHIC): students may use health care services in Croatia upon presentation of EHIC.

– If you are coming from a country that has closed an international agreement on health security with the Republic of Croatia, you are entitled to use the emergency health care services during your temporary stay in Croatia. Before coming to Croatia, you should check with your health insurance provider at home under which conditions you can use your home health insurance in Croatia.

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Erasmus Student Network – ESN

Our ESN home students will be your buddies willing to help you to accommodate and adjust yourself to new living and studying environment more quickly.

Your ESN buddies will give you all information about everyday student life in Osijek and about other practicalities during your preparations for coming to UNIOS, as well as during your stay at UNIOS.

Therefore, it is advisable that you get in touch with the ESN Osijek right after you have been accepted for mobility to UNIOS.

Contact of ESN OSIJEK:;

Planning your travel

Flying to Croatia 

The main Croatian airport is located in Zagreb and it is well connected to many European destinations. Osijek, however, has a local airport, which offers direct flight to Frankfurt/Hahn.

Railway travel

Croatia has direct railway links with many European countries and cities. Information about Croatian railways and connections to Osijek can be obtained at

Bus travel

Bus lines connect all parts of the country. Regular international bus lines connect Croatia with all neighboring countries and with Austria, France, Italy, Germany and Slovakia.

The easiest way to reach Osijek from abroad is to fly to Zagreb and to take a train to the Osijek. The train service from Zagreb is frequent, safe and reliable.

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University of Osijek provides student accommodation in the dormitory located at the University Campus. Students are put up in double bedrooms. The approximate monthly cost of accommodation is 660,00 HRK (ca. 90,00 EUR).

Exchange students who wish to be accommodated in the dormitory should fill in the accommodation form within their application.

Another option of student accommodation are private apartments and rooms that are available for rent. Monthly costs of private accommodation vary from 100 EUR for a single room to 200 EUR for a furnished apartment.

Student registration

Upon arrival in Osijek, you should contact UNIOS International Relation Office, located at the address Trg Svetog Trojstva 3 (Old Town – Tvrđa).

Registration takes place on the first working day following your arrival in Osijek.

IR Office regular working hours are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Within your registration at the IR Office you will be given further instructions about enrollment procedure at your host faculty student affairs office, and you will be assisted in further steps concerning other formalities.

Welcome Day

IR Office will organize a Welcome event for all Erasmus students, aiming to establish relations among all incoming exchange students and their Erasmus friends. You will be informed about the Welcome Day program well in advance via e-mail, as well as after registration at UNIOS.

Student Identity Card – The X Card

Exchange students at the University of Osijek are entitled to hold a student identity card, so called the X Card. It is a sort of a pre-paid card used in students’ cafeterias and restaurants. It is not only a “licence to eat”, but also a card that proves your student status, so you can get some tickets and services at a reduced price.

Incoming students with disabilities

UNIOS has established the Office for students with disabilities, which staff makes sure to provide assistance to each home and exchange student with disability.

Students with physical disabilities are provided access to most of university facilities by means of elevators and ramps. Staff of the Office for students with disabilities provide also other forms of assistance and support according to personal needs of each student with disability.

Office for students with disabilities cooperates also with other associations dealing with issues of disability at local, regional and national level.

Students with disabilities interested to visit the University of Osijek will get help by being provided any equipment or service necessary for making their stay at UNIOS as convenient as possible.

Students with disabilities are advised to contact

Mr. Damir Španić, UNIOS coordinator for students with disabilities


Students’ associations

Students’ associations (Students’ Union, ELSAPRAVOSLEGOS) take active part in promoting student mobility and contribute to the internationalisation of the Faculty.

Students assure their international cooperation primarily through their roof associations ELSA (The European Law Students’ Association) which enjoys advisory status in the UN, and the objective of which is organisation of professional practice abroad and inclusion of as many Croatian students as possible into international projects, professional seminars, cultural exchanges, trainings, workshops and competitions. Specific objectives of ELSA Osijek include development, promotion and advancement of knowledge and communication among law students and young lawyers throughout Europe in the sphere of legal education, professional perfection and research work. ELSA fosters initiatives for spreading knowledge and harmonisation of European law by preparing its members for best possible work under the conditions of overall European integration. ELSA’s purpose is to enrich academic life at the Faculty and provide students with possibilities to acquire knowledge, meet new people and cultures, and get practical experience in European countries and the USA.

Students can practically implement the acquired theoretical knowledge in the Legal and Economic Clinic of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. The Clinic has started with its work in November 2013 by signing the Cooperation Agreement between the Faculty of Law in Osijek, Faculty of Economics in Osijek, Entrepreneurial Incubator BIOS Ltd. Osijek and Centre for Entrepreneurship Osijek. Principal objective of the Clinic’s work is to enable students (approximately 80 students per year) to improve the quality of their study through integration of theoretical and practical lessons. In addition to the said educational role, another objective is being realised: providing free legal and economic help for small and medium-size businesses so that the scientific and professional capacities of the mentioned constituent parts of the University may be put to good use by the local community and serve as concrete support for small and medium-size entrepreneurship. Students have been given the opportunity to meet their future employers and get informed about the labour market, which contributes to their readiness for the “real world“ and for their employment.

The Student Sports Association PRAVOS has been operating since 2000; it was established to meet the common needs and interests in the area of student sport, physical and health education and recreational activities. The Association offers a range of extra-curricular sports activities to students such as recreation (hiking, cycling and roller-skating, swimming) and competition (football, five-a-side soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball, athletics, cross-country, basketball, chess, swimming, tennis, table tennis, billiards, bowling and darts). The majority of students take part in sports competitions in which they achieve excellent results, and for the past five years they have won the first place in table tennis (men’s and women’s team), swimming (in the men’s and women’s competition). Our students were the best in single sports such as tennis, chess, billiards, darts and badminton. The football and volleyball players of our Faculty have also been the University Champions. Last year our students were very successful in handball and basketball by winning the second place. Through their Association Pravos the students take part in sporting events such as the Student Sports Day, New Year’s race, the Olympic Day etc. Moreover, they are offered opportunities to attend major sporting events such as the World Cup Gymnastics, Handball World Championship, the SEHA League matches and the matches of the Croatian 1A volleyball league etc.

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