EU Institutions and legal system

Course titleEU Institutions and legal system
Number of ECTS credits8 Tunjica Petrašević
Office AddressRadićeva 13 Kabinet br. 46
Telephone+385 31 224 535 Dunja Duić
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Telephone+385 31 224 500
Course content

The course will include the study of the following topics: - Legal issues of EU law. - Sources of EU law. - EU legal system. - EU institutions. - Effects of EU law in the national law of Member State. - Basic principles of European law. - European citizenship. - EU internal market. - Protection of fundamental rights in the EU. - EU policies The objectives of this course are: - Acquiring advanced knowledge of the European Union and the EU legal system. - Acquiring advanced knowledge about the role of the EU institution and the legal system of the European Union and selected legal materials and political processes. - Understanding the decision-making process within the EU institution (especially in the EU institutions) - Acquiring advanced knowledge and understanding of the relationship between European law and national law and the specifics of national constitutional law. - Understanding concepts related to EU internal market law and their relationship with human rights. - Interpretation and application of EU legal rules. - Developing advanced critical analysis skills and training students in analysis, assessment of EU law and legal reform in a social, economic, political, institutional and moral context. - Developing advanced skills of argumentation of reasoned legal opinions

Course learning outcomes

Identify and independently define research problems related to the structure and powers of the EU institution and the political and judicial system of the EU, Recognize and independently define research problems related to the EU internal market and their relationship with human rights, In-depth critical analysis and synthesis of scientific literature, Recognize, interpret and apply the legal rules of EU law in solving specific legal problems (hypothetical cases), Conduct research by applying critical thinking and argumentation of legal problems and publicly present reasoned legal opinions supported by legal sources,

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Optional reading
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