European Labour Law and European Social Security Law

Course titleEuropean Labour Law and European Social Security Law
Chair of Labour and Social Security Law Sciences and Social Work
Number of ECTS credits6 Mario Vinković
Office AddressRadićeva 13 73
Telephone+385 31 224 573
Course content

The course offers a critical presentation of employment issues through European regulations and the interpretation of meritorious judgments of the EU Court. It briefly summarizes the legal basis of the issue of labor movement, equal treatment in the context of wages and other guaranteed rights, the extension of the issue of equal treatment to possible other forms of discrimination in work and employment, individual protection of workers (young and atypical workers, part-time workers, atypical contracts on employment), working conditions, safety at work and collective labor law. In the domain of European social security law, the course will focus on the basic regulations in this area, clarifying the functioning of the so-called system of coordination of legal rules and their meanings, the rights that workers enjoy in the case of maternity and parental status, and in the case of unemployment. Defining European labor law, sources of European labor law, the role of the EU Court in the creation of European labor law, freedom of movement of workers, equal treatment, protection of young workers, pregnant women and women who have given birth or are breastfeeding, protection at work, collective labor law, social security system in the EU, open methods of coordination, the rights in the case of unemployment.

Course learning outcomes

Explaining the basis of the functioning and implementation of European labor law and European social security law at the national level, Solving a simple problem in the field of European labor law and European social security law, Describing the content and function of the analysed institutes, Explaining the role of the EU Court and national courts in the creation of European labor law, Analysing the stage and quality of harmonization of selected institutes of European labor law and social security law (essay),

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Optional reading
Bercusson, B.. European Labour Law. 2009. Cambridge University Press
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. Odredit će se ovisno o temi izabranih eseja. . 0.