Moot courts

Course titleMoot courts
Number of ECTS credits10 Ante Novokmet
Office AddressRadićeva 13 57
Telephone+385 31 224 557 Barbara Herceg Pakšić
Office AddressRadićeva 13 64/13
Telephone+385 31 224 564 Dubravka Akšamović
Office AddressRadićeva 13 S. Radica 17
Telephone+385 31 224 500 Dunja Duić
Office AddressRadićeva 13 48
Telephone+385 31 224 500 Igor Vuletić
Office AddressRadićeva 13 Radićeva 17, prizemlje
Telephone+385 31 224 500 Katarina Knol Radoja
Office AddressRadićeva 13 -
Telephone+385 31 224 500 Lidija Šimunović
Office AddressRadićeva 13 17
Telephone+385 31 224 500 Paula Poretti
Office AddressRadićeva 13 S. Radića 17
Telephone+385 31 224 535 Tunjica Petrašević
Office AddressRadićeva 13 Kabinet br. 46
Telephone+385 31 224 535 Zvonimir Jelinić
Office AddressRadićeva 13 S. Radića 17
Telephone+385 95 9007 358 Zvonimir Tomičić
Office AddressRadićeva 13 9/17
Telephone+385 31 224 581
Course content

The content of the course is aimed at acquainting students with the way of work, structure and competencies of courts, connecting acquired knowledge from the module with real factual and legal relations, introducing students to practice, training students to analyze legal and factual situation and compiling legal opinions based on independent tasks and conducted research of the specific factual and legal situation, the acquisition of knowledge about the ways and methods of resolving criminal proceedings. These are practical classes conducted at the State Attorney's Office, law offices and courts in Osijek in such a way that: 1. Students attend lawsuits and are pointed out to criminal law issues in practice 2. Participate in the work of the Legal Clinic, which begins with introductory lectures where students get acquainted with the work of the Legal Clinic, its competencies and code of ethics 3. Participate in legal-clinical teaching conducted under the supervision of teachers, external associates and assistants. 4. Students work on specific subjects in terms of direct participation and counseling on all legal issues that arise

Course learning outcomes

After successfully passing the course, students will be able to: Recognize and explain a certain criminal law problem in a specific case, Apply previously acquired theoretical knowledge to the offered factual situation, Identify basic criminal law institutes and compile a criminal report, decision on determination pre-trial detention; an appeal against the decision ordering pre-trial detention; indictment; judgment; appeal against the judgment, Offer a solution to the case law by applying the relevant provisions of the relevant legislation, Explain your own position and solution in a specific case,

☐ Lectures
☐ Seminars and workshops
☑ Exercises
☑ Independent tasks
☐ Multimedia and internet
☐ Distance education
☐ Office hours
☐ Laboratory
☑ Field work
☑ Mentoring work
☐ Knowledge test
☐ Oral exam
☐ Written exam
☐ Colloquium
Other: Pohađanje nastave, istraživanje i praktični rad
Students are required to attend classes and meetings regularly,, Students are required to actively participate in teaching by researching positive legal regulations apply existing and acquire new knowledge
Required reading
. Upućivanje na propisanu obveznu literaturu ovisno o pravnoj prirodi slučaja. 2021.
Optional reading
. Po potrebi i u dogovoru s mentorima grupe, web stranica Pravne klinike: 2021.