Executive Criminal Law

Course titleExecutive Criminal Law
Chair of Criminal Law Sciences
Number of ECTS credits6
Lecturerizv.prof.dr.sc. Zvonimir Tomičić
Office AddressRadićeva 13 9/17
Telephone+385 31 224 581
Course content

The content of the course is aimed at introducing students to the basic terms of executive criminal law, the system of execution of criminal sanctions, especially imprisonment, penitentiary regulations at the international and national level, prisoners' rights and ways to protect these rights, the institute of enforcement judges, INTRODUCTION TO CRIMINAL ENFORCEMENT LAW AND ITS RELATIONSHIP TO PENOLOGY The concept and subject of criminal executive law, the relationship between criminal executive law and penology. TYPES, PURPOSE AND ENFORCEMENT OF CRIMINAL SANCTIONS Types of criminal sanctions, the purpose of legal regulation and imposing sanctions, the purpose of enforcing sanctions, fundamental rights of citizens and their restrictions for the purposes of execution of criminal sanctions. PUNISHMENT Theories on the meaning and purpose of punishment, types of punishment in Croatian criminal law. PRISON SENTENCE Historical origin of imprisonment, imprisonment systems. LEGAL SOURCES OF IMPRISONMENT Sources in domestic and international law, international prison rules and standards, rights prisoners and their protection, European court for human rights. ENFORCEMENT OF PRISON IN CROATIA: 1. Principles of imprisonment, protection of the rights of convicts, prison enforcement bodies. 2. Execution judge. 3. The course of the execution of a prison sentence: Referral to serve a prison sentence, postponement of execution, reception of convicts and their classification, individual execution program, work, employment and education of prisoners, life in prison: personal rights and accommodation of prisoners, health care in prison. benefits and deciding on them, suspension of serving a sentence., order and security in prison. CURRENT ISSUES AND PROBLEMS IN PRISON EXECUTION; Prison overcrowding, violence in prisons, prison privatization. CHANGES IN THE EXECUTION OF CRIMINAL SANCTIONS; Amnesty and pardon, extraordinary remedies, statute of limitations for the execution of a criminal sanction, conditional release, transfer of prisoners, assignment of execution of a prison sentence to a foreign state. POSTPENAL PROTECTION AND ASSISTANCE AND CONSEQUENCES OF CONVICTION Introductory remarks, post-penal protection and assistance in Croatia, categories of people who need it help and protection, recidivists, consequences of conviction, legal consequences of conviction, rehabilitation EXECUTION OF OTHER CRIMINAL SANCTIONS CAPITAL PUNISHMENT

Course learning outcomes

After completing the course, students should be able to: Define the basic terms of executive criminal law, List and describe the types and purpose of criminal sanctions, Explain the historical development and affirmation of imprisonment, Describe the course of the procedure of execution of a prison sentence and interpret the principles of the procedure of execution and procedural institutes, Present and critically analyze the issue of protection of prisoners' rights, Analyze the existing provisions of the Law on the Execution of Imprisonment Sentences and propose changes for the purpose eliminating deficiencies,

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Students are required to actively participate in a minimum of 70% of classes
Required reading
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. Zakon o izvršavanju kazne zatvora. 2019. Narodne novine br. 190/03, 76/07, 27/08, 83/09, 18/11, 48/11, 125/11, 56/13, 150/13, 98/19
. Zakon o probaciji . 2018. Narodne novine br. 99/18
Optional reading
Zvonimir Šeparović. Kazneno izvršno pravo i uvod u penologiju. 2003. Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Davor Krapac, Zlata Đurđević, Elizabeta Ivičević Karas, Marin Bonačić, Zoran. Burić. Presude Europskog suda za ljudska prava protiv Republike Hrvatske u kaznenim predmetima. 2013. Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
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