Social Policy

Course titleSocial Policy
Chair of Labour and Social Security Law Sciences and Social Work
Number of ECTS credits3.5 Anton Petričević
Office AddressRadićeva 13 Stjepana Radića 13, kabinet 56
Telephone+385 31 224 556
Course content

The content of the course includes the definition of the term "social policy" and its areas, history and doctrinal foundations of social activities, social doctrines and models of social policy in the modern world, international social policy and basic areas of social policy action. Attention is paid to social policy towards the unemployed, the social security system and family policy with regard to the processes of pluralization of family forms, demographic trends and the role of civil society. The social policy of the Republic of Croatia is also observed through the historical prism, the provisions of the Constitution, relevant regulations and the political discourse of the last decades.

Course learning outcomes

To explain the basic institutes of social policy in the state as a polyvalent phenomenon, Define public administration as a set of administrative organizations, Interpret the current models of social policy in general and the social policy of the Republic of Croatia, To analyze the influence of demographic trends and the pluralization of family forms on the observed models of social policy, Identify features of social policy in the context of pension, disability and health insurance and care for socially vulnerable and socially excluded groups, Monitor the application of provisions of substantive and procedural law to specific social cases, Identify the problems of the social policy of the Republic of Croatia in relation to European trends, Explain the financing of the social policy system, Analyze the impact of EU law on social policy in the Republic of Croatia, Independently and critically argue the relationship of institutions towards certain social groups ,

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Other: Studenti su u okviru kolegija obvezni napisati i izlagati esej
Students should be enrolled in the 3rd year of professional administrative study programme. Attendance with active participation in classes, an essay and an oral exam are required to master the course
Required reading
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Optional reading
Puljiz, V.. Socijalne reforme Zapada. 1997. Zagreb
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