Basics of Administrative Law and Organization of Administration

Course titleBasics of Administrative Law and Organization of Administration
Chair of Administrative Law and Administrative Sciences
Number of ECTS credits5 Boris Bakota
Office AddressRadićeva 13 5-17
Telephone+385 31 224 507 Boris Ljubanović
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Telephone+385 31 224 500 Marko Sukačić
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Telephone+385 31 224 500 Marko Sukačić
Office AddressRadićeva 13 51/13
Telephone+385 31 224 500
Course content

1. Theory of administration 2. Administrative systems and Croatian administration 3. Organization of public administration in the Republic of Croatia 4. System of state administration, supervision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia 5. Public services and institutions 6. Theoretical understanding of public administration 7. Exceptional conditions 8. Administrative acts 9. Basic institutes of administrative law 10. Administrative procedure - general and special administrative procedures (area of social welfare) 11. Judicial supervision over the administration

Course learning outcomes

Define and explain the basic concepts of public administration and tendencies in administration, Describe the role of people in administration (administrative officers in administrative organizations, political officials in administration, official system, salary system, promotion system), as well as the role of citizens in administration, Define the function of leadership in administrative organizations, public management, tasks of managers, management and leadership in public organizations, Define basic terms in the field of state and public administration (bodies, jobs, supervision, European administrative space, administrative reforms, basic principles of public administration, powers and acts of the Government of the Republic of Croatia), Describe the course of the administrative procedure and administrative dispute and argue the problems in practice, Standardization of special administrative procedures versus general administrative procedures, Define judicial supervision over administration and its significance, Apply the acquired knowledge from the specified subject to concrete examples from practice with the interpretation of legal texts of the selected institutes,

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Students are obliged to attend classes regularly with active participation in accordance with the lecture schedule. Attendance and participation of 70% in class are prerequisites for signing off as properly completed student obligations and the possibility of taking the exam through two colloquiums (after 50% of the subject lectures have been held). In the case of a longer period of inability to attend classes, students are obliged to justify their absences to the relevant professor or assistant. Students can take the entire exam (written and oral exam) on available exam dates. Students who take the exam through colloquiums and successfully pass them, this creates the basis for forming the final exam grade, and students do not have to take the oral part of the exam. In exceptional situations and when justified, colloquiums and exams will be held online using available platforms (ZOOM, Merlin, Microsoft Teams, Moodle).
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Optional reading
Zakon o Vladi Republike Hrvatske. Narodne novine 150/11, 22/12, 119/14, 93/16, 116/18, 80/22. 2022.
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