Practical classes IV

Course titlePractical classes IV
Number of ECTS credits6 Mladen Knežević
Office AddressRadićeva 13
Associate Anita Barišić
Office AddressRadićeva 13 Rektorat/ prizemlje
Telephone+385 31 224 526 Dinka Caha
Office AddressRadićeva 13 Rektorat, prizemlje
Telephone+385 31 224 550
Course content

The student will be actively involved in the work of an organization that in its activity performs tasks related to social care in order to apply legal regulations and other knowledge and skills acquired during studies to specific situations. To perform the tasks in the practical class with quality, the student will regularly study and apply the relevant literature. Through their work, they will demonstrate respect for the ethics and principles of the social work profession and an understanding of the individual's perspective in the environment. The student's work will be monitored through a work diary, which the student must submit every week. The student will attend support groups where they will summarize their experiences and work on analysing social problems. The student will explore the possibilities of solving the systemic difficulties of the community and identify the structures that can keep people in unfavourable life circumstances. Through the analysis and creation of the text, students will tell a new story about a relevant and current social topic. During the last month, the student will learn how the use of language and the way we communicate shapes the prevailing culture and the public's attitude towards at-risk, vulnerable and oppressed groups. The student will identify the information he wants to convey and shape the ideas into a text. The socially useful learning component seeks to ensure that a relevant and current social topic is more visible where people regularly consume information and that topics are presented objectively in an empathetic, inclusive way. This task asks the student to reflect on the new, personal responsibility of himself as a professional and adult

Course learning outcomes

Participate in performing simpler actions related to the activity of social work , Describe how procedures are conducted in a professional unit of an organization that performs tasks related to social care in its activity , Carry out an administrative procedure , Apply the provisions of legal cases to concrete situations , Participate in the individual work with the user, Analyze the identity and different dimensions of social problems, Format the text in such a way that it uses language that encourages empathy and understanding of vulnerable and at-risk user groups,

☐ Lectures
☐ Seminars and workshops
☑ Exercises
☑ Independent tasks
☐ Multimedia and internet
☐ Distance education
☐ Office hours
☐ Laboratory
☑ Field work
☑ Mentoring work
☐ Knowledge test
☐ Oral exam
☑ Written exam
☐ Colloquium
In addition to the usual forms of teaching, the course integrates socially useful learning through the publication of texts that seek to correct generally accepted negative and stereotypical narratives and encourage inclusive changes in the community.
Required reading
. Skup pravnih propisa relevantnih u radu organizacije u kojoj student obavlja praktičnu nastavu. 2022.
Orwel, G. . Nitko i ništa u Parizu i Londonu. . 1987. August Cesarec
Orwel, G. . Zašto pišem i drugi eseji. . 1983. August Cesarec
Didion J. . On Self-Respect. 1961. Essay from the Pages of Vogue
Baldwin, J. . The fire next time. . 2013. Vintage
Chekhov . How to Write Like Chekhov. . 2008. Boston: De Capo
Knežević, M. . Socijalni rad − profesija krize: Je li vrijeme i za krizu profesije? . 2013. Ljetopis socijalnog rada 20 (1)
Optional reading