History of the Croatian Law and State

Course titleHistory of the Croatian Law and State
Chair of Legal History and Roman Law
Number of ECTS credits7
Lecturerizv.prof.dr.sc. Višnja Lachner
Office AddressRadićeva 13 -
Telephone+385 31 224 500
Course content

The course History of the Croatian Law and State introduces students to the development of the Croatian legal system and legal culture as a special part of the corresponding processes in Europe. Within the scope of the subject, it is indicated peculiarities of the development of Croatia, as a "small" national autonomy, and based on this, students acquire knowledge about the conditioning of the contemporary Croatian legal system and legal culture and the limitations that result from it arise. The course is directly complementary to the courses of the first year of study at the Faculty of Law in Osijek and other Croatian law faculties (General history of law and the state, Roman law, Theory of law and the state, and partly with the subject Sociology). It presents a historical introduction and provides a basis for a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of all positive law subjects.

Course learning outcomes

describe the main features of the development of those European states and legal systems that were important for shaping the modern Croatian legal system, and wich even today they have their indirect importance, to define and differentiate individual institutes from the Croatian history of law (real, mandatory, family and inheritance, criminal law as well as court proceedings) and the state (authorities: legislative, executive and judicial) in their historical period, analyze the influence of the social environment on the formation of individual legal institutes,, analyze individual institutes of the Croatian state and law in different time periods and different countries and legal systems, compare the legal arrangements of individual institutes of the Croatian legal system with the arrangements in comparative law, argue the good and bad sides of individual solutions in Croatian historical development and compare argumentation with the contemporary situation and problems,

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Students are required to actively participate in at least 70% of classes, i.e. attend classes regularly.
Required reading
ČEPULO, Dalibor. Hrvatska pravna povijest u europskom kontekstu ( od srednjeg vijeka do suvremenog doba). 2021. Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu: Zagreb
Optional reading
ENGELSFELD, Neda. Povijest hrvatske države i prava: razdoblje od 18. do 20. stoljeća . 2002. Pravni fakultet: Zagreb
BEUC, Ivan. Povijest država i prava na području SFRJ. 1986. Narodne novine : Pravni fakultet, Zagreb
SIROTKOVIĆ, Hodimir; MARGETIĆ, Lujo. Povijest država i prava naroda SFR Jugoslavije. 1988. Školska knjiga