Criminal Procedure Law - Seminar

Course titleCriminal Procedure Law - Seminar
Chair of Criminal Law Sciences
Number of ECTS credits2 Ante Novokmet
Office AddressRadićeva 13 57
Telephone+385 31 224 557
Associate Ivan Vidaković
Office AddressRadićeva 13 65/13
Telephone+385 99 3434 982 Zvonimir Tomičić
Office AddressRadićeva 13 9/17
Telephone+385 31 224 581
Course content

The aim course is introducing students to the rules of writing seminar papers, advancing the knowledge gained in lectures on basic institutes of criminal procedure law, further developing basic skills of critical analysis, training students for independent presentation to a larger number of students. The student prepares a written seminar paper from the selected part of the material and presents it to other seminarians, who solve practical tasks through group work and the application of knowledge gained by monitoring the presentation. Task solutions are then analyzed critically with the teacher and the rest of the seminar group. Parts of the criminal procedure law from which students choose the topic of the paper: 1. Three historical types of criminal procedure 2. Principles related to the initiation and commencement of criminal proceedings (adversarial principle, principle officiality, the principle of legality) 3. Principles relating to the conduct of criminal proceedings (inquisitorial and deliberative principle, principle immediacy, the principle of free evaluation of evidence, the principle of orality and publicity) 4. Organization, jurisdiction and composition of courts 5. State Attorney (and State Attorney's Office) 6. Injured party, subsidiary, private and incidental plaintiff 7. Defendant and his defense (defendant and defense counsel) 8. Measures to ensure the presence of persons in criminal proceedings 9. Pre - trial proceedings (general overview of the course of regular criminal proceedings, in general about the previous proceedings, criminal charges, criminal investigations, urgent evidentiary actions) 10. Investigation and research 11. Judicial control of prosecution 12. Prosecution and Proceedings before the Indictment Chamber 13. Hearing 14. Appeal against the judgment 15. Extraordinary Remedies 16. Procedure for issuing a penal order 17. Establishment of facts in criminal proceedings (in general on facts to be established, subjects of determination, degree of conviction, methods of determination, own observation of procedural bodies) 18. Evidence and proving process (in general and certain types of evidence)

Course learning outcomes

After completing the course and passing the seminar colloquium, students should be able to: Make a quality seminar paper, Demonstrate the correct way of quoting and writing seminar papers, independently and on its own present the selected topic related to the content of the case Criminal Procedure Law, Comprehensively discuss the topic related to the content of the case Criminal Procedure Law, To link and relate legal institutes from different parts of the Criminal Procedure Law,

☐ Lectures
☑ Seminars and workshops
☐ Exercises
☐ Independent tasks
☐ Multimedia and internet
☐ Distance education
☐ Office hours
☐ Laboratory
☐ Field work
☐ Mentoring work
☐ Knowledge test
☑ Oral exam
☑ Written exam
☐ Colloquium
Other: Izrada i prezentacija seminarskog rada
Students are required to actively participate in a minimum of 80% of classes
Required reading
Vladimir Ljubanović, Ante Novokmet, Zvonimir Tomičić. Kazneno procesno pravo - izabrana poglavlja. 2020. Pravni fakultet Osijek
Davor Krapac. Kazneno procesno pravo, prva knjiga: Institucije. 2015. Narodne novine
. Zakon o kaznenom postupku . 2019. Narodne Novine 152/08, 76/09, 80/11, 121/11, 143/12, 56/13, 145/13, 152/14, 70/17 126/19
Optional reading
Marin Bonačić, Zlata Đurđević, Stjepan Gluščić, Elizabeta Ivičević Karas, Ivo Josipović, Hajrija Novoselec. Kazneno procesno pravo Primjerovnik. 2017. Narodne novine
Vladimir Bayer. Kazneno procesno pravo, knjiga II., Povijesni razvoj kaznenog procesnog prava. 1995. Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova Republike Hrvatske,