Mateja Vidaković

Eotvos Lorand University Budapest, Mađarska, ljetni semestar u akad. god. 2014/2015

When I decided to join Erasmus+ program, Budapest was my first choice and, after a little bit of research, I chose the Eötvös Loránd University, called ELTE. That turned out to be a great choice.

The faculty is great! It is very well organized and perfect for foreign students. Erasmus coordinators are always available and ready to answer any question you might have (even if it is a stupid one because you are so confused and lost in translation – and I mean literally when you take into account Hungarian language). Foreign students have the possibility to choose classes they want to take from a wide list of subjects, which are mostly in English, but also German, French or Italian language. Professors are respectable experts in their field just waiting to pass on a huge experience they have, and, which was even more important to me, they are warm, approachable, friendly and interested in our countries, cultures, laws and knowledge. Classes were extremely interactive which was a bit of a challenge at the beginning, but when everyone got used to speaking English, it showed to be a perfect way to get to know your colleagues, professors and different countries. Furthermore, ESN ELTE did their best to help us meet new people, Budapest and Hungary in general. They organized so many different events, such as welcome party, traditional Hungarian dinner, visit the Hungarian Parliament, alternative sightseeing, visit the highly secured prison, boat trips, trips to other Hungarian cities and so on. All in all, everyone is more than willing to help you enjoy Erasmus time as much as possible.

Budapest is an amazing city. Of course, I googled it and I knew it was beautiful, but I did not know it was this beautiful. I definitely did not expect to be astonished by it every day during the whole semester. Even when I see the same buildings and places over and over again, they still take my breath away. There are so many parts of the city that need to be explored: buildings, museums, parks, touristic places, streets, historical monuments, beauties of nature, ruined pubs or modern restaurants. But, Hungary can offer more than just Budapest. There are numerous cities which are perfect for one day trips – Gödöllő, Szentendre, Eger, Debrecen, Pécs, Szeged, Vác, Esztergom – possibilities are wide. Moreover, Hungary has attractive neighbouring countries where you can go on your own or as a part of some organized trip (and there are a lot of them).

However, the most amazing part of this experience is definitely the people. Both ELTE and Budapest are the desired destination for a lot of foreign students. And the moment you meet them, you became friends. Everyone is expecting an adventure and every single person represents one for you. Making friends has never been easier. Likewise, Hungarian people are friendly, warm and understanding for your lack of knowledge of the Hungarian language.

To sum up, Erasmus is an amazing once in a life time experience! I would definitely recommend it to every student who wants to try something new, exciting and unforgettable. My decision to go there was spontaneous, but it was the best one I have ever made. I didn’t have any special expectations, but what I got are friends all around the world, beautiful memories, city that will always represent something extraordinary for me and an experience that I will never forget and hardly beat.

Mateja Vidaković