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Curriculum vitae

Assistant Professor

Anita Blagojević, PhD

Phone number: 
+385 224 500
Phone number (fax): 
+385 224 540

Short profile

Level of education: 
  • 2009 PhD degree at Faculty of Law in Osijek (title: ''Terrorism, antiterrorism and human rights'', mentor: Prof. Arsen Bačić, Ph.D.).
  • 2004 master's degree (title: ''The origins and the development of the institution of ombudsman – ombudsman in Scandinavian countries'', mentor: Prof. Zvonimir Lauc, Ph.D.)
  • 2000 graduated from the Faculty of Law in Osijek 
Career positions: 
  • Assistant professor
  • Senior assistant
Area of interest: 

Constitutional law, public international law

Constitutional Law
The fundamentals of the Constitutional Law
Local self-government and Organization and functioning of the public sector
The protection of human rights in the Republic of Croatia
Ombudsman and human rights
Terrorism and human rights
Constitutional court protection of human rights
The capacities of the local and regional self-government units
The protection of rights to local self-government

Other activities

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Active participation to international conferences, teaches in joint courses with Faculty of law Pecs

Lawyers for Europe

Hrvatska udruga za pravnu zaštitu obitelji


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